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By Danita Morales Ramos, PhD

You are a female. You want a love connection. You are an entrepreneur. You generate income in the most creative ways. You’re a leader—a go-getter. You take action at the office and in life. You’re a Type A Personality Type, that Alpha female. You’re super confident in most areas of your life—except one–connecting with the alpha male and aren’t in connecting with another type. 

There’s a problem, though.

Photo by Emmy E

Alphas compete. They’re savages. They hunt. They conquer. They go for the jugular. In the marketplace, that’s great; it keeps the shelves full. In the partner relationship, being 100% Alpha is relationship suicide. I had to learn this the hard way. I didn’t even know I was competing. I started studying couples that were in healthy relationships. I saw a balance in them that I had not experienced during my marriages. It was the balance between masculine and feminine energy. 

I will post one day soon more about the feminine energy that most Type A women don’t embody. But for now, practice these few things with your man or the next time you go on a date. 

  • Be more curious. Stop being a know-it-all. Your man doesn’t care about what you know. He cares about how you make him feel. 
  • Control your emotions. Just because you feel something doesn’t mean you have to take it out on your man. Process your feelings in a healthy way or get some girlfriends to go on and on about your day. You may look to him for solace after he has hunted the world. 
  • Commit to the relationship, not your man. Commit to honor and build the relationship, and do not try to fix your man. He’s not a project. Humans fail, and as soon as they do, they quit.
  • Be quiet. Stop talking so much and feel his presence connect with him more on a vibrational level than a conversational tone.

Photo by Greta Hoffman

Try for one week. I guarantee that feminine energy will be so powerful you will change the course of your relationship, and you’ll feel better too. 

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