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My-ND Tools Newsletter Summer 2022 Edition

We’re Being the Change!

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by Danita Morales Ramos on Jul 1, 2022

Are you frustrated with dating in today’s world?  

I get it. Between hookup culture, people wasting your time, and underwhelming first dates, it can feel hopeless. 

Don’t give up just yet!! My friend Erin Cole has put together something quite special just for you! A FREE 14-day masterclass series on how to show up authentically and have FUN with dating so you can attract the right person for you!

Dating gets to be EASY! 

I’ve got a front-row ticket for you! Click here to register.

Spoiler alert! I’m one of the featured guest speakers. 😉 



I published my 6th Book

Since embarking on my journey as a mental health professional close to 20 years ago, it has been my mission to make mental health help accessible to underserved populations. The therapy isn’t limited to a therapist’s office. Minorities, such as African Americans and Latinos, are less likely than other ethnic cultures to seek treatment due to stigma. Their fear of seeking help can lead to them dealing with mental health problems more prolonged than other populations and negatively impact their quality of life. 

Mental health struggles are just as common as physical health problems. Mental health problems can result from everyday issues such as adjusting to the ever-changing political climate, work stress, or marital or relationship conflict. Because of this reality, I speak boldly about my own mental health journey as a woman and minority to be an example and inspire other minorities to seek help when needed. 

One of the ways I reach the underserved is through my writing. I spent the last few months helping women who have struggled in their marriages and others who have had challenges in the dating arena. Did you know that medical researchers found that being in a healthy partner relationship can improve one’s ability to cope with life problems and increase their chances of living longer? That said, my latest book is for the Type A woman who is winning in business and wants to win at love. Fellas, there are some nuggets in this book for you that can be useful in helping you understand what women face in relating to men. 

In this newsletter edition only, I am giving a one-time offer to purchase this gem for $15 (the regular price is $29). Let’s all change and improve the relationships in our homes and communities. The change starts with you. 

Make Believe 365

I attended two major business networking events in June. Last year, I spoke at one of these massive events and wanted the opportunity to learn rather than speak this year. I’m glad I did. I received so many downloads from top influencers such as David Goggins, Eric “The Hip Hop Preacher,” Garret White, the founder of  “Wake Up Warrior,” Rick Ross, and Jeremy Finlay, to name a few. 

The result of my download is that I started a year-long campaign with my social media audience called Make Believe 365. While attending these huge events, I felt overwhelmed yet honored by how many people came up to me, sharing how my videos have helped them in their personal lives. I did not realize how much impact I was having in the marketplace. I wanted to share this campaign with you and would be honored if you joined me.

As I reflected on what an honor it is to serve others, I realized that I had been hiding because I still struggle sometimes with being seen even though I am a public speaker. I owe it to myself to share my gift fully. Thus, I created Make Believe 365 to hold myself accountable to share my growth daily and to keep inspiring others. Each day, I share a 1-3 minute video about a mental concept I receive in my morning meditation. Then, I encourage my audience to use that concept in their lives as we grow together.

If you are open to growth, join me and let us make believe for 365 that we can become all we are destined to be. 


Dr. D

One-Time Book Offer Click Here

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