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It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, But You Should Honor Your Mental Health Daily


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Everyone at some point in their life will experience a mental health problem.

Yes, even you.

People who experience mental health problems aren’t just people who are sent to psychiatric hospitals. In fact, the average person who struggles in with their mental health experiences things such as anxiety, sadness, and social phobia. They can still function in their day-to-day lives, but they do so at the expense of physical symptoms and social distress.

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The answer is evident every time a client seeks me out for help. They aren’t being assertive enough in every aspect of their lives. They are too busy trying to modify who they are to accommodate other people. Their tendency to accommodate other people at their expense is the etymology of mental health problems such as overthinking and overdoing. They succumb to people-pleasing. Think and do what is required to sustain you, and then others will align accordingly.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. More people aren’t aware of how their actions or lack thereof contribute to the problems they experience in their lives. It’s time to stop playing victim, blaming your mental health and issues on everyone and everything else for your dissatisfaction in life. 

This month, I started speaking to more women at seminars and public speaking events about caring for their emotional and physical health. In particular, I work with entrepreneurial and corporate women who win at business yet struggle to succeed in their personal lives. I want to share what I teach with you and created a free video for that Type A businesswoman who leads with power in the workplace and has trouble turning that power into happiness in her home and social circles. 

Live Motivational Event in Salt Lake City, UT.

In training, I teach women to overcome their inner critic, listen to their inner child, and live assertively. If you’re not a woman, then I’m sure you know one. Share this blog and the video with women you know so they can access the tools required to improve their lives and not just be a success in their business. 

Final thought word. Refuse to you place blame, and you will keep your power. I continue to be on my mission.

Transforming victims to victors,

Dr. D


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