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Happy Earth Day

by danita morales ramos, phd

Today is Earth Day, and I want to share a little inspiration with you on the topic of Earth Day. Earth in its literal sense means “the ground.”

In mental health, we often focus on helping clients feel more “grounded.” Being grounded is a concept of feeling stable and positioned within oneself. Embodying stress and not fulfilling one’s purpose can make one feel less grounded.

Some grounding techniques I teach are mindfulness, visualization, and deep breathing.

Mindfulness is about being present with one’s surroundings. Have you ever driven your car and realized that you seemed to arrive at your destination instantly? Your lack of awareness of the sound of the cars, the lines in the road, the smell in your car, the air that moved through your vents, and the feeling you had sitting in the seat means you weren’t fully present. Yes, your body was there, but your mind went somewhere else. Maybe it traveled to the office seeing yourself doing all the tasks ahead. Or, possibly it traveled back to the disagreement with your spouse you had before you left home. Either way, you weren’t in the present. 

I share several quick mindfulness strategies you can do in this short video to ground yourself. Using these techniques can help you stay grounded, that is, “earthed” in the present, relieving you of the stress of your past and anxiety about your future. 

Feeling grounding can also be done through visualization. When was the last time you thought about your purpose or something you wanted to accomplish? As we grow older, we stop dreaming or visualizing ourselves as we want to become. Don’t worry, and I’ve got a nice little 8-minute video to help you with that too. Every client I’ve given this to stated that these 8-minutes were a little challenging as they began to open themselves up to believe in themselves and what they want in life. If I have a difficult time blocking out noise, I use the white noise machine below (found on Amazon) or play mediation music. I prefer mediation music with the sounds of water or harps as those sounds generate a more natural, earth feeling for me.

Deep breathing is an easy grounding strategy that you can use anywhere. With a few deep breaths, you can regulate your emotions, refresh the oxygen in your body, and move back you back into your flow. The quick breathing exercise I teach in this video is a helpful way for you to start this practice. 

By the World’s account, Earth Day was an ideal that began in 1962, later developing into an annual recognition of the ways humans pollute the Earth.

Earth’s pollution starts in the minds of individuals who lack an understanding of how and why Earth is here in the first place. We are a specifies ever seeking knowledge and capacity to understand this knowledge. How can we transport faster? How can we get things done faster? Faster? Faster?

I’m not condoning people who drive cars or emit gas into our environment. I, too, drive vehicles that require fuel. The vehicle that I am most concerned with is the body I inhabit while I am here on Earth and the mind that facilitates it. If we take a moment to embrace that faster while providing immediate comfort, it can rob us of the beauty of being.

Today I honor the Creator of Earth and openly express my gratitude for His creation. For His purpose, I am here, and I will fulfill this purpose. I pray that rather than focus simply on minimizing air pollution, we all eliminate the breakdown of our minds. What less TV, consume less social media, and fill your minds with God, the Creator of Earth.

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God is the initiation, the Ultimate Fire, the One and Only True Spirit and Force, that created duality first in His mind (the air), seeing there was nothing though He in Himself is Everything, expanding Himself as Light in the Heavens birthing His emotion in the waters (Heavens) separating them above and beneath calling the waters above the Heavens and the water below the Seas holding the Seas in place with dry land (the Earth) and manifesting and giving the power to multiply every living thing the plants and their seeds, the day and night, the creatures of the sea and air, the creatures of land, and ultimately placing His Ultimate Fire, His Image, in the human form giving that human form His Power and Dominion over everything on Earth He saw me in nothingness elevating me to His Power.

(References: Gen 1:1, 1:2, 1:6, 1:31, Jer 1:5, 1:10, 29:11, Ps 139:13-16, Isa 49:5, Ro 8:29, Gal 1:15, Eph 1:4)

May you be fruitful and multiply.

Living in Abundance,

Dr. D

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